Daily Routine

As a distributed team, we highly value clear expectations and communication regarding what we are doing.

Clear communication keeps the whole team informed of activity and gives Support Leadership a simple way to know what's happening at any given time.

Here's a general overview of what is expected throughout the day. Any significant deviation from this should be discussed with the team.

  • Login to Slack and announce that we’re starting our day (using @supportteam is useful so that Slack only pings the support team)

  • Start the day with a 30-40 minute Mental Energy Kickoff -- report in the appropriate slack channel what we accomplished.

  • Unassigned/Assigned -- always communicate in #support whenever we are switching between Docs, or Unassigned, or Assigned

    • If it’s before 5:00 AM Pacific, check on Unassigned, If it’s out of control, get it in control. Otherwise, get as much Assigned done as we can until 5:00 AM Pacific.

    • At 5:00 AM Pacific, work on Unassigned.

    • Throughout the rest of our Priority Support time, prioritize first response times, and resolving Assigned tickets.

  • Breaks -- Announce our breaks and when we’ll be back. Eat, walk, or do something that gives us a MENTAL/PHYSICAL break away from the computer. Break length is not as important as communicating when we'll be back, and making sure we are working enough hours total each day.

  • Throughout our day, do our #QueueHealthHabits. This is particularly important to do before we move into "Decompress Time".

  • 30 Minutes before the end of our day, do something productive outside of Priority Support as Decompress Time.