Duties of Support Technicians

Each of these areas are further explained in this document. This page is a high-level pass at each area of support technician duties.

Solving User Issues

At root, our support technicians solve customer problems; we provide solutions. We go out of the way, and to any length to solve our customer’s problems. We do this primarily by answering support tickets promptly, professionally, and with expertise.

Refining Our Documentation

Our documentation is the first thing a user interacts with within our product. That documentation is both in-app documentation (e.g. tooltips and inline docs visible within the app itself) and online at our site. As the ones on the front lines of communication with our customers and users, we are the ones who transform their feedback and insights into helpful documentation for all.

Enhancing Our Products

Support technicians function as customer ambassadors, noting trends in the requests from our existing customer base regarding new features or enhancements to the products, and passing those along to the other departments in the form of product feedback, Slack messages, and proposals. Conversely, we are product and developer ambassadors to the customer, effectively setting realistic expectations surrounding product scope and new feature rollout.